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Feta Cheese with Pepper Honey

This is a very simple appetizer and very easy to prepare. Feta cheese is a key ingredient in Mediterranean diet, as it used in many dishes, such as Greek salad, savory cheese or vegetable pies, or as a delicious appetizer (meze), baked or fried with sweet or sour –sweet honey based sauces.You will enjoy it after it is prepared. follow the instruction given below to prepare yours

1 pound feta cheese, patted dry
3 teaspoons coarsely-ground black peppercorns
1/3 cup good quality honey
Bread slices or crackers


Place the block of feta cheese in the center of a large platter.
In a small bowl, stir together pepper and honey; drizzle mixture over the top of the feta cheese.
Serve with bread slices or crackers.
Serves many.

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