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Groundnut soup dinner recipe


This is african dinner recipe I love so much and I am sure you will like it when you prepare it. Follow me as we prepare this dinner together. 500g / llb assorted parts of meat (washed)
I medium smoked fish (washed)
225g / 8oz stockfish
225g / 8oz bushmeat (washed)
500g / 8oz roasted groundnuts
lpt stock or water
100g / 4oz ground crayfish
25g / loz iru (locust bean)
2 medium fresh tomatoes
100g / 4oz ground pepper
I onion
3 large pepper (tatase)
salt to taste
Place the washed meats in a large pot, add a drop of wa ter or stock, season with salt and ground pepper and boil for 30 minutes or until tender. Add the smoked fish and stockfish, cook for another l0 minutes. Add the rest of the stock. Bring to the boil and add the ground fresh tomatoes, onions, pepper, iru and groundnut. Cook for 20 minutes until the soup thickens. Sprinkle in ground crayfish and stir. Simmer for another 10 minutes. Check seasoning and serve hot with boiled rice.

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