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Soya Milk Drink

2 cups of Soya beans, vanilla flavour,1 milk cup of sugar, pineapple flavor, water(2-3 cups).
Ø      Soak Soya beans in cold water, remove skins, resoak beans in hot water overnight. Grand into a bowl and add two cups of water or more, filter with clean cloth or water sieve.
Ø      Put into clean pot and boil for 30 minutes, during boiling, skin or remove foams from top and drop.
Ø      Add 1 milk cup of sugar, 2 cup of vanilla, two cups of pineapple flavor. To cool, put in a bottle and seal. Keep in fridge to chill and serve cool.

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  1. Soya Milk drink looks very rich,delicious,healthy and appetizing!!!
    Thank you for promoting African dishes...


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