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Coconut Rice

1 Coconut, 4 cups of rice, 1kg meat, 4 large onion, 100g margarine, 1 tin tomatoes paste, 2 large fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper to taste.

1.  Shell and grate the coconut finely
2.  Nash the coconut in the water and strain squeeze out all the milk from the coconut into the water and discard the chaff.
3.  Put the coconut water into a pot wash, cut meat into pieces. Season with salt and pepper and then add to the coconut water. Bring to the boil and simmer until meat is partly tender.
4.  Grind onion, slice, or grind tomatoes and pepper. Add to meat, tomatoes paste and continue simmering.
5.  Wash the rice and add to other ingredients. See that there is just enough water to cook the rice. If there is not, add some more but not much.
6.  Bring to the boiled. Add more seasoning if necessary, add the margarine. Stir occasionally. When the rice is almost soft cover the pot with cloth, then with the lid to keep in the steam.

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