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Edikai Nko Soup

No other food like African food. I wonder if I can survive in other country without taking African dishes and snacks. Here is another soup prepared mostly in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is taken along with Eba, fufu, or pounded yam.
Any assorted meat such as beef, liver, pomo, pork, crayfish, stockfish, etc. pumpkin leaves (ugu), water leaves, perewinko.
Wash and cut the meat into small sizes then put them in a pot and add a little water, add your pepper, salt, seasoning and begin to steam.

Wash the perewinko (without shell) thoroughly and add to the boiling meat.

Wash and the pumpkin leaves.

Add your water leaves and much oil, allow to simmer for some few minutes (to enable the water get dry a little) and its ready to be served with pounded yam, eba etc.

Enjoy this tasty meal when you come to Nigeria.

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